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An app where music reviews are curated by the opinions of those who matter most: the fans themselves.

How it works

Users can log in with existing Spotify or Apple Music accounts, and choose between upcoming albums. A countdown timer will be displayed until the album drops. When it does, all users can listen at the exact same time, and give feedback. Live comments and tags will be displayed, and users can press on them to upvote them.


Music has become an integral component to the world that we live in today. Critics are constantly raving about that new Drake album, or speculating about the Astroworld album that we all have been waiting for. Regardless, the music industry has been built off of a feeble structure of useful metadata that provides deeper insights into the minds of music enthusiasts themselves.

However, it is becoming increasingly apparent how the methods used to review music are outdated. Instead of focusing on the most important audience: the average consumer, music critics are trusted to provide “accurate” ratings of albums and songs. This is clearly inadequate, as music taste is subjective, and the opinions of a few, possibly predisposed critics most likely don’t represent the sentiments of entire audiences.

With Dropp, users would be able to hear the release of their favorite artist’s albums as soon as they drop at the exact same time with millions of other enthusiasts. By using NLP we would be able to create a new, more representative type of rating which will be directly created by the average user’s feedback, not just a few, possibly predisposed music critics.

Our Story

Dropp came together with the help of Gabrielle Chang, Shutaro Aoyama, Alexandru Turcanu, Alexander Niehaus, and Noah Woodward. The group met at an iOS Development Bootcamp, and created the app for the Outside Hacks 2018 Hackathon.

Check out the Github repo!